Tech Nottingham is an organisation with the mission to Make Nottingham a better place to live and work in technology.
This is achieved in five ways:

  • Community building - at our events and in our online communities

  • Improving student retention in the city - engaging directly with the student population to bring them into the local tech community

  • Education - Removing the barriers to becoming a part of the tech community and improving the skills and co-operation of tech workers within the city

  • Supporting businesses - helping both startups and established businesses address the challenges around running a tech business in Nottingham

  • Advocacy - Promoting Nottingham more widely as a place to work in technology and do business in the technology sector

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Our Work

We run a Tech Nottingham monthly meetup, the largest in the area;  Women in Tech; a student outreach programme; a startup support programme; an annual Christmas party, and Hack24, our annual hackathon, run in the iconic Nottingham Council House overlooking the main city square in Nottingham.

We also work with local organisations to advocate for Nottingham as a place to do business in tech.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions, message us on the Tech Nottingham Slack group or email us at

Tech Nottingham is run by


Andrew Seward

Andrew is Director at Tech Nottingham and Software Director at Mitrefinch.

He also runs, cycles and keeps bees.

He's andrewseward on Slack and @MrAndrew on Twitter


Helen Joy

Helen is a UX consultant and user researcher at SPARCK, and an organiser of Women in Tech Nottingham. When not consulting or speaking at events, Helen is an avid coffee drinker and hot yoga fan.

She’s Helen on Slack and @LittleHelli on Twitter


Anna Dodson

Anna is a Software Engineer at Imosphere and an organiser of Women in Tech Nottingham. She’s an advocate for Free and Open Source Software and inclusivity in tech. Anna is an avid tea drinker.

She’s anna on Slack and @anna_hax on Twitter

Tech Nottingham is a registered trademark of Tech Nottingham Ltd.

The following files and copy are available for use when referencing Tech Nottingham and its associated events. License is not given for use in any other context. For information about Hack24, please head to the Hack24 website.

Tech Nottingham is always written as two words, with both Tech and Nottingham written in capitalised case. Women in Tech is always written as three words, with both Women and Tech written in capitalised case.

The Tech Nottingham hashtag is #TechNott

The Women in Tech hashtag is #WiTNotts


The orange gradient Women in Tech logo is to be used on white backgrounds; for all other background colours, including photo backgrounds, please use the white Women in Tech logo.

Women in Tech orange gradient comprises #E04216 and #E79500, full opacity, set at 0% and 100% respectively.

The pink Tech Nottingham logo is to be used on white backgrounds; for all other background colours, including photo backgrounds, please use the white Tech Nottingham logo. 

Tech Nottingham pink is #D51067.


About Women In Tech

Women in Tech, Nottingham (WiT Notts) aims to encourage more women into STEM and act as a gateway to other meetups and events. Anyone can attend, regardless of the gender they identify with.

WiT Notts provides a comfortable and safe space where people in the field of technology can socialise, network and learn. Members can come to see talks, partake in workshops and activities and meet other people in our wonderful field. We encourage our members to present at our events, providing them with as much support as they need to do so.

About Tech Nottingham

Tech Nottingham is an organisation dedicated to improving Nottingham as a place to live and work in technology. We do this by building a community of smart people in and around Nottingham and then providing an environment in which they can work together, share ideas and get better at what they do.

Tech Nottingham’s community has been a place where people have shared and learned, lifelong friendships have been formed, new business ventures have been hatched and new career paths have been forged.