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This month we have two great talks and a some coding to warm up our frozen fingers.
As always, free food and drinks will be provided at the event thanks to our sponsors. 
No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Building Your Home API

Adam Bird

Adam Bird

Who wouldn’t want a connected home that adapts to your every whim? Previously proprietary radio and hardwired systems were the only option. But now, iIncreasing support for WiFi in all sorts of home devices makes it possible for software developers to hack their own homes. In this session I’ll share some of my findings and together we’ll explore how we might build an API for our homes. There'll be a practical element to this talk so bring a laptop if you can (but don't worry if you can't!).

About Adam

Adam Bird (@adambird) is a developer and entrepreneur. He is Founder and CEO of Cronofy, the unified calendar API service provider and only very rarely misses using statically typed languages.

Code Club – Inspiring the next generation

Code Club is a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11. Code Club creates projects for volunteers to teach at after school coding clubs or at non-school venues such as libraries, the projects teach children how to program by showing them how to make computer games, animations and websites. Code Club volunteers go to their local club for an hour a week and teach one project a week.

Katharine Childs,  Regional Co-Ordinator for Code Club in the East Midlands, talks us through what Code Club are doing in Nottingham and how you can get involved in inspiring the next generation of coders, developers and programmers.

About Katharine

Katharine Childs

Katharine Childs

Katharine (@primaryicttech) is the Regional Co-Ordinator for Code Club in the East Midlands. After a childhood encounter with Hunt the Wumpus on a BBC Microcomputer, via a Computing degree from the Open University beginning with Smalltalk and ending in Javascript, she now enjoys enabling the “wow” moments which happen every time a child realises they can create or control by writing their own code. 


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