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We explore one of the most exciting new programming languages to emerge in recent years, plus we've got new improved free food and free drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

This month we also welcome our newest sponsor - Capital One!

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Introduction to Rust

by James Westby

James Westby

James Westby

Rust is a (fairly) new programming language from the Mozilla Foundation that is showing a lot of potential. It combines a lot of good ideas from other languages to provide a compelling language for many tasks.

This talk will briefly cover some of the features of the language, and discuss what might make it interesting to you and then give you chance to try it out for yourself.

About James

James Westby (@jdwestby) is a polyglot developer currently spending most of his time writing Python for Canonical, but has recently become interested in the promise of Rust. His past experience includes version control systems, web applications, operating systems, build
systems and formal methods.

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