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This month two fantastic speakers are flying in from Germany to tell us how we can use the skills we have to change the world for the better, plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Coding a Better World

by Wolf Schlegel and Tobias Vogel

As software professionals we know the skills we are developing are valuable, but at this Tech Nottingham we are going to see how those skills can be used to change the lives of people everywhere.

Wolf Schlegel

Wolf Schlegel

Without leaving our homes we can be improving the systems that support people in the poorest parts of the world and everywhere in between.

In this session, we will be working on OpenMRS, a humanitarian open source software project. OpenMRS is a system to capture and process medical records and contributes to improving medical care, mostly in the global south. The system is developed and maintained by a large international community.

After a brief introduction and setting up their development environment, participants will begin building working software for a good cause.

Tobias Vogel

Tobias Vogel

The session is fun and mind‐opening: whilst coding away (the fun part) people learn about an aspect of software development that is very different from most of our daytime jobs (the mind‐opening part).

Setting up OpenMRS in advance

To minimise time spent on setting up the development environment, participants are encouraged to prepare their machines in advanceit'd be great if you could setup the OpenMRS core application already beforehand.

Depending on what kind of area (develop, test, document, translate) you want to participate, this general entry point might be of interest.

Developers best start with this guide here:
Especially points 1, 3 and 4 are important.
Ideally, every person intending to get involved as developer should have OpenMRS running on their machine.

About Wolf

Wolf is a professionally qualified software engineer with over 20 years of international consulting experience. He has worked throughout the software lifecycle as a developer, software systems architect, team lead, business analyst and enterprise IT architect delivering major software systems. Wolf works for ThoughtWorks Germany and helps teams delivering working software.
His primary professional interests are microservices, cloud, continuous delivery and devops, software architecture, agile enablement and humanitarian software.

About Tobias

As a software developer at ThoughtWorks, Tobias is interested in tackling complex problems by enabling people and teams rather than dictating solutions from above.
Driven by a passion for Agile methodologies he strives to bring back the happy human being to the center of software development.

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