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This month we welcome Jack Franklin, developer evangelist at Hack24 sponsor Pusher, back to Nottingham to talk about this popular UI library, plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

An Introduction to React

by Jack Franklin

Jack Franklin

Jack Franklin

In this talk we’ll introduce React, a framework built for building user interfaces. We’ll look at the core features of React, patterns when building React applications and some of the additional libraries that we can pair with React to easily add more to the applications we’re building.

About Jack

Jack is a Developer Evangelist at Pusher, based in London. He spends most of his time writing and talking about JavaScript and front end web development. He’s the author of Beginning jQuery (Apress, 2013) and is currently focusing on ECMAScript 2015, React and the state of tooling for web developers. If not at a computer he’s usually found playing football or sat in the pub talking about code.

You can find Jack on Twitter at @Jack_Franklin or in the Tech Nottingham Slack group - username jackfranklin.

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