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This month we have two speakers giving us an insight into their fascinating specialist subjects.

Plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Level Up your Business with Gamification

Jorge Andrés Martínez

Jorge Andrés Martínez

Journey with Jorge Andrés Martínez (@jorgeandmar) through a new way of facing new challenges and improving the way you handle your projects, as we take a look into the concept of Gamification, building fun, rewarding environments around your software and what systems and mechanics you could put in place to leap into a more engaged and engaging future.

About Jorge

Jorge Andrés Martínez is a Gamification Expert at Kaiyu Services. Business consultant by day game designer by night, entrepreneur when he can and fun seeker when he must. He is also a well-known Triangle soloist.

The Droid Will See You Now: Intelligent Systems and the Future of Healthcare

Nader Al-Shamma

Nader Al-Shamma

Today Artificial Intelligence is transcending the realm of science fiction; no longer is it merely confined to the sphere of academic curiosity, advancements in technology is facilitating the rise of the Intelligent Machine, which has and continues to prove its worth in a variety of real world domains.

In this talk we will explore how Artificial Intelligence has and is being utilised in healthcare and medicine with a focus on how technology can help tackle the growing threat of chronic disease. 

About Nader

Nader Al-Shamma (@nadershamma) is a coder, tinkerer and a lover of tech with a minor coffee addiction. Web Developer & Internet Marketing Manager by day, MSc researcher by night. 

Nader has just completed his PGDip in Computing Systems at the Nottingham School of Science and Technology (NTU) and is currently working towards his full MSc conducting research into the application of Intelligent Systems and Mobile Computing to assist with outpatient care.