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Tech Nottingham April 2017:
Impostors & Muggles

This month we're delighted to welcome Jessica Rose and Martin Kearn to the Tech Nottingham stage!  Plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors Capital OneCordius Limited and MHR.

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Impostor Syndrome and Individual Competence
Jessica Rose

This talk will focus on how Impostor Syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect work to undermine our estimation of our individual skills and ability to get things done. Who do these cognitive biases affect? And how do they collectively shape the way we interact with work and the world? The impact of these biases on personal and professional relationships among individuals and groups will be examined, along with what can be done to diagnose and cope with them.

About Jessica 

Jessica Rose (@jesslynnrose) is a self taught technologist obsessed with technical outreach and education. She's founded the Open Code meetup series, co-founded Trans*Code and is happily helping CrateDB reach more developers with their open source SQL database as their head of developer relations. She's always interested in hearing about new tech and projects.


Machine Learning for Muggles
Martin Kearn

Artificial Intelligence is the latest hotness. Machine Learning sits behind artificial intelligence and on the surface it may seem like a deeply technical, scientific topic. We are here to tell you that it is more accessible than you think. We’ll look at some of the basics around the Azure Machine Learning service. We’ll also look some of the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs which make it very easy to implement artificial intelligence ‘smarts’ into your application with simple, standard REST calls.

About Martin

Martin (@MartinKearn) is a technical evangelist for Microsoft based in the UK. In his role, Martin talks with customers, partners, start-ups and anyone who is willing to listen about developing applications on the Microsoft platform. This includes Windows, Office, Microsoft Azure and Web technologies including ASP.net and the Edge browser. Martin has been working with Microsoft development technologies since the late 90's and has been working for Microsoft directly since 2005.

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