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Tech Nottingham July 2017: Important news from the future

This month we learn essential information about the near and not so near future of computing. Plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

Everyone is welcome and there are no tickets required. Just turn up - it's free!

Quantum computation: From strange physics to the computers of the future

by Rosanna Nichols

Rosanna Nichols

Rosanna Nichols

Quantum mechanics displays some truly strange phenomena: for example, superposition, where a particle can be in several “states” (with different properties such as positions or energies) at once. This quantumness is incredibly fragile and hidden to our clumsy, classical eyes but manifests itself at the microscopic level. If we can construct computers to manipulate and exploit these phenomena then a radically different way of computing becomes possible. This is the realm of quantum computing.

This talk will cover what superposition really means and why this could provide an advantage in computing. We’ll see what algorithms have already been developed, including a closer look at some of the simplest, and how they compare to their classical equivalents, as well as how they are starting to be implemented at an experimental level.

About Rosanna

Rosanna is a PhD student in the Quantum Correlations group at the University of Nottingham, researching quantum metrology - the science of measuring things with precision beyond the fundamental limits present when using classical physics alone. She enjoys the programming elements of her work and is keen to expand her experience in tech.

GDPR – what does it mean for you?

by Helena Wootton

Data protection law is changing and it affects all of us - as consumers and crucially, as the creators of software.

This talk will run through of the key changes brought in by GDPR, and what you and your organisation can start doing now to prepare and what it will mean for design of systems handling personal data.

About Helena

Helena is a data protection partner at Browne Jacobson with over 18 years’ of experience specialising in data protection and freedom of information law.  She works closely with other specialist lawyers in the technology, education, insurance, retail, public, financial services, manufacturing, and distribution sectors to drive the cross-firm data protection practice forward. 

Helena loves yoga, wellbeing and being generally happy… and excited at this time of heightening awareness of data issues and their impact on our fundamental human right to privacy.

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