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Tech Nottingham August 2017: Monitoring and Virtualisation

This month we have two talks exploring essential tools and techniques around the development of software - the what, the why and how to get the best from them.

Plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors Capital OneCordius and MHR.

Everyone is welcome and there are no tickets required. Just turn up - it's free!

Goals, Monitoring and the Scientific Method

by Moreton Brockley

Moreton Brockley

Moreton Brockley

Initially there was nothing. No users. No code. No infrastructure. No platform. It was a peaceful time. Now you are dealing with just keeping a ship afloat on the sea of product development. Most of your time is spent below decks patching small holes in your craft. In the mess, where you went to grab some food, your captain starts giving you a tirade about capacity planning. It’s not very coherent, he’s very drunk. All of a sudden someone spots some rocks almost under the bow of your ship. There are no lifeboats. They were too expensive.

Have you ever felt a bit like this when facing keeping things running? Do you want a more predictable approach to improvement that ties to business goals? Do you just want a little more warning when things might be going wrong?

During this session Moreton Brockley (@allmobro) will answer these questions based on his experience working on a platform serving fast growing user needs.

To do this we will explore a framework for dealing with the challenges present in operating and maintaining a popular software platform. This will broadly cover business goals, monitoring, instrumentation and the scientific method.

This session is suitable for developers at any stage in their career who are interested in monitoring, instrumenting code, driving change and applying the scientific method. It will also be suitable for those interested in linking user experience back to their software.

About Moreton

Moreton is the API and platform team lead at Esendex in Nottingham, also known as the Apollo team internally. He enjoys maintaining and improving the software at Esendex whilst meeting the challenging needs of a rapidly growing business, but not at the cost of the health of his team. He has been the line manager/technical lead of two teams during his time at Esendex and has a keen interest in API and backend development. In his spare time Moreton is an enthusiastic meetup attendee, a home project hacker, a cook, a gamer and an avid reader.

Virtualisation: What, When and Why

by Darren Smith

Darren Smith

Darren Smith

A brief look into the world of Virtualisation. In this talk Darren (@Darr3n5m1th) will be showing how virtualisation has changed the way systems and software are deployed in virtual environments, where we can turn one system into many.

  • What is Virtualisation?
  • When did it all start?
  • Why we use Virtualisation?

Darren will show you the tools and approaches available and talk you through using virtualisation to streamline your development and deployment.

About Darren

Darren is a Technical Specialist working within Nottingham, primarily focused on Hardware.  Darren has worked within the IT industry his entire career spanning over 12 years, starting at a popular Anti-Virus company then moving to Server and Network Administration then finally settling within the repair industry.

An Apple fanboy at heart, his journey started with a ZX81 in 1992 which sparked his interest in IT.

Random fact about Darren: He ditched his MacBook 2 years ago in favour of his iPad, after the question was asked “Is it possible to replace a Laptop with a Tablet?”

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