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This month we have a fun jam-packed event with talks from Matthew Walton and Lex Lofthouse. Plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

Everyone is welcome and there are no tickets required. Just turn up - it's free!

Walk There Together

We know it can be intimidating walking into a tech event, so Carol Gilabert will be meeting any nervous or first-time attendees outside the Theatre Royal at 18:00 before the event so you can all head down there together.

Six Months Later: Building Software for your Future Self

by Matthew Walton

Matthew Walton

Matthew Walton

Are you writing code? Is it clear, concise and self-explanatory? Is it maintainable? Is it easy to get up and running? Do your colleagues understand it? Will your future self understand it after another six months of working on five other projects? Will a future stranger understand it in two years after the entire team have rotated and nobody is left who’s ever worked on it?

We’ll take a trip through some code and situations inspired by actual events and consider how we can ensure our code is fit for our colleagues and our future selves.

About Matthew

Matthew Walton graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2003, swore never to get a job working with networks and promptly ended up writing some very high-performance network routing and analysis software for his first two jobs. After some diversions in desktop, web and consultancy work Matthew is now a Senior Developer at Commify, where he works on the core messaging platform and APIs.

Don’t Set Yourself on Fire to Keep Others Warm

by Lex Lofthouse

Lex Lofthouse

Lex Lofthouse

Am I doing enough? Am I even doing it right? How can I do it better? What the hell is Imposter Syndrome and why do I have it? What’s a Work/Life Balance? Huh, now I’m having a breakdown...

After putting her career first for the best part of a decade and then having a minor breakdown, Lex Lofthouse was compelled to make herself a number one priority.

In her talk Lex will discuss Imposter Syndrome and how she learned to fail correctly. We’ll discuss negative feedback and how to deal with it, toxic environments, burnout and ‘crunch’. Plus we’ll finally figure out that work/life balance thing once and for all.

About Lex

Alexandra ‘Lex’ Lofthouse is currently a Senior Designer at Nzime – a digital agency in Nottingham City Centre. Her love for digital design started at an early age, when her Dad taught her how to use Photoshop in her early teens. She went on to study Graphic Design at Robert Gordon’s University in her home city of Aberdeen. After moving down to Nottingham for an internship, she’s never left!

In her spare time she loves playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game and going to many of the gigs that Nottingham’s great music scene has to offer.

Win Stuff at Tech Nottingham!

The Pragmatic Programmer

The Pragmatic Programmer

We’re giving away a ticket to DDD East Midlands!

We’re giving away a ticket to DDD East Midlands!

This month to celebrate our theme of working smarter in software we’re giving away a copy of The Pragmatic Programmer - the seminal book to help you create better software and rediscover the joy of coding.

We'll also be giving away one coveted, impossible-to-get-hold-of ticket to DDD East Midlands!

You know the drill: attend and tweet on the #TechNott hashtag to be in with a chance!

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