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We are delighted to announce that our very own Andrew Seward will be speaking at February's Tech on Toast!

Get a free breakfast, hear some of Nottingham's brightest share their ideas and projects and socialise with the other members of the local tech community, all before you start your day.

Tech on Toast is free and there are no tickets required.

We'll be serving a range of breakfast options in a relaxed environment and all are welcome, regardless of technical background.

Building a Hive Mind for your Software Projects

by Andrew Seward

Software projects can fail or be perceived as a failure for a number of reasons - but at their root, almost all of these failures can be summarised as “People had different ideas about what was being delivered and when”.

The difficult part is, “what the problem is” and “what will be delivered and when” are things that are constantly changing. 

How can you ensure everyone has a shared understanding of these things when by their very nature they are constantly changing?

In this talk Andrew will talk through the ways that understanding changes as a software project progresses, and how that change is predictable and necessary. He’ll share some simple techniques for keeping all team members and stakeholders on the same page and happy throughout.

There’s nothing revolutionary here, just a different perspective, and perhaps a different approach to the things you already do using the tools you already have. 

When it works, it can be the difference between success and failure for your whole project.

Andrew Seward

Andrew Seward

About Andrew

Andrew is a Director of Tech Nottingham. He's been working in software in various capacities from Dev to Product Manager for 13 years and these days he tends to work as a Product Manager for API products. He also keeps bees.


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