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Women In Tech June 2019

Don’t forget - we’re now at our new venue, Antenna

This month we are really excited to welcome Ashley Smith to speak at Women in Tech!

As always, there'll be free drinks and food for all thanks to our fantastic sponsors Capital One, Commify, JH and MHR

Everyone is welcome and there are no tickets required. Just turn up - it's entirely free!

Negotiating for Fun and Profit

by Ashley Smith

Headshot of speaker Ashley Smith

Some words and phrases you may have heard when people describe negotiating: "scary", "it's cheeky to ask", "uneasy".

The need to negotiate is something we all face in our lives and this month's speaker Ashley Smith is here to help us switch our perspectives and start seeing it as something fun!

In this talk we'll look at statistics around negotiating and go through some practical steps you can take to prepare yourself. Ashley is a big believer in getting comfortable with something in order to do it well, so be prepared for some audience participation, as well as having space to share your experiences.

While you don't have to rush out for a negotiation straight after this talk, you'll be more confident and better prepared the next time an opportunity to negotiate presents itself!

About Ashley

Ashley has been working in tech for the past 7 years, in a variety of test related roles. She strongly believes in the importance of testing in software development, and has implemented various testing strategies during her career. She is currently an Automation Tester at Optix, where she spends most of her time writing automated tests, learning new stuff and talking about automation to anyone who will listen!

Ashley is also the co-founder of Women in Tech York and Test York; they run free monthly events where anyone interested in tech can share their passion and experience.

She loves to run and will eat all the popcorn should you ever attend the cinema with her!

Win Free Stuff At WiT Notts!

This month at WiT we have two brilliant books for you to win!

Image of the front cover of the book Never Split the Difference

Never Split the Difference

From policing the rough streets of Kansas City, Missouri, to becoming the FBI’s lead international kidnapping negotiator to teaching negotiation at leading universities, Chris Voss has tested the techniques in Never Split the Difference across the full spectrum of human endeavour and proved their effectiveness.

Whether buying a car, getting a better raise, buying a home, renegotiating rent, or deliberating with your partner, Voss shows you how to use these skills in the workplace and in every other realm of your life.

Image of the front cover of the book Open Up

Open Up: The Power of Talking about Money

From friendships, to ambitions, to mental health, money plays a huge role in our lives and relationships, yet we're often too polite or embarrassed to talk about it. But in an age of pay-gap exposés and growing inequality, we need to talk about money more than ever.

Open Up is an outspoken, warm and timely book that de-stigmatises the way we talk, think and feel about money. Full of sympathetic, practical advice on everything from mindful spending to the freelance jump and how to challenge the status quo, this is a book that strips away the awkwardness, to help you find the power and solidarity of talking about money.

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