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This month we are pleased to welcome Caolan Mcmahon (@caolan) and Alex Lea (@aplea) to Tech Nottingham!

As always, free food and drinks will be provided at the event thanks to our sponsors. 

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Offline-first: Web development for the real-world

Caolan Mcmahon

Caolan Mcmahon

You've heard of Mobile-first, now there's Offline-first. A reversal of the design process where applications are created for offline use first, and online is a feature. Unlike the always-wired machines of the past, computers are now truly personal, and people move through online and offline seamlessly. Caolan will be exploring how and why our apps should do the same.

About Caolan

Caolan McMahon is an open-source developer and specialist in offline-enabled and decentralised web applications. With a background in bringing the web to some remote and difficult environments, from rural Africa to the far north of Canada, he is now looking to bring full-stack development to a wider audience with the Hoodie project.

Is fashion in technology becoming a problem?

Alex Lea

Alex Lea

With new technologies surfacing quicker than celebrity sex scandals, big names pushing must-have "designer" cloud-everythings and even your toaster running Erlang over Mongo don't you feel somehow uncool? 

In this session Alex Lea will discuss why you really should care about this, how not to become a fashion victim, and some of his tech-fashion experiences followed by some of yours.

About Alex

Alex is Technical Director of Esendex, a Nottingham based business SMS service. An agile "with a small a" exponent, over the last four years he and his team have scaled Esendex's messaging services into new territories, and through a many-fold increase in transaction volumes.


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