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This month we are pleased to welcome Steve Haley (@MultiPie) of MultiPie to Tech Nottingham!

As always, free food and drinks will be provided at the event thanks to our sponsors. 

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Android vs iOS development - FIGHT!

Steve looking presidential

Steve looking presidential

In this talk, drawing on his experiences developing mobile apps at MultiPie, Steve will discuss differences between developing for Android and iOS, using code examples and demoing the developer tools. We'll then get hands-on and have a go at making an Android app of our own!

Bring a laptop along with you if you can (but don't worry if you can't).

About Steve

Steve co-founded MultiPie Ltd, a Nottingham mobile app development company, in 2011. He enjoys working on all kinds of apps, and has made everything from games to e-commerce, including social media and even an app for a manufacturing company to control their machinery.


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