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This month we have three great talks from Nottingham's finest!

As always, free food and drinks will be provided at the event thanks to our sponsors. 

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Packed Pixels

Matt Relf

Matt Relf

Past guest speaker Matt Relf (@MattRelf) walks us through his new Kickstarter project, Packed Pixels, a high resolution monitor for your laptop that fits into your laptop bag, through conception, prototyping to where it is now and where it goes from here.

About Matt

Matt Relf is a freelance IT consultant and project manager in his professional life and a CNC and 3D printing enthusiast in his spare time.
Frustrated in his professional life by the lack of a decent multi-monitor offering for mobile working he brought his home interests to bear to develop his own and bring it to market; Packed Pixels.

The Flip Side of the Coin: What it's like to be a Koopa in a world of Marios

Jenni Brown

Jenni Brown

Jenni Brown (@madebyjenni) presents a tongue-in-cheek insight into the most hated field in the web industry. Features include - but aren't limited to - Schrödinger 2.0, the perils of pretending to be a brain surgeon, and the benefits of overthinking... all topped with a generous sprinkling of pixel joy.

About Jenni

Jenni Brown is a professional web geek who specialises in social media, content and general fun stuff for award-winning web hosting company Heart Internet. She loves writing for the web, side projects, and being a terrible backseat coder and designer.

Bring Out Your Dead (domain)

Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy Parsons (@jdap) presents us with a chance to end the grieving process for our dead domains. Bring one, two or two hundred domains that you have sitting around gathering dust and would like to lay to rest. We'll form teams, brainstorm wild and wonderful ideas about what to do, and work one or more of those ideas up into pitches, plans, prototypes or pages. 

The winners will walk away with the domain they chose, donated by the original owner. And all of us will know the world is a slightly better place.

About Jeremy

Jeremy Parsons is a recovering software engineer and incurable multipreneur. He is cofounder and CEO of Rumbly, the "Amazon of sandwiches," and directs Idea Transform, running day and weekend startup hack events focused on meaningful innovation.


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