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This month we hear the experiences of two local experts in different areas of tech, plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

Open & inclusive design

by Helen Clark

Helen Clark

Helen Clark

Have you ever got 90% of the way through a project only to have someone in the client's organisation start demanding changes that don’t seem to make sense? We call this person the secret stakeholder. This talk covers ways to handle the secret stakeholder; make the process smoother (and happier) for everyone involved; and produce a product that works for the end-users.

About Helen

Helen Clark has been a visual designer for over a decade and is now a director at Ablewild, a web strategy and design company in Derby. Ablewild focuses on producing user-centred websites. As part small team, Helen gets to work on various aspects of web projects and is heavily involved in the planning, research and infrastructure phases as well as visual design.

Building flexible, responsive reporting using Amazon Web Services

by Dave Wood

Dave Wood

Dave Wood

In this talk you will be taken on a journey of how we chose to use Amazon Web Services to solve a problem, how it stood up, and what we learned in the process.
You'll hear about the security concerns we faced and how aiming for tight security can easily go overboard, and meeting unforeseen issues.
We'll also touch on why AWS works really well for serving content to a global audience.

About Dave

Dave is a developer from Nottingham with a strange obsession for Node.js and APIs. He helps organise the NottsJS meetup and enjoys discussing all things Node.js!
He has recently helped write the Hack24 API and HackBot, and loves to stay ahead of (annoy) Andrew Seward by adding The Latest Thing to the project as often as possible.
Dave is a recently former Esendex Developer where he learned a hell of a lot about APIs and TDD. He has recently moved to Liberis, where he hopes they will soon embrace Node.js.

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