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After a tumultuous June we look to the future - what can we learn, what do we need to learn for what comes next? Plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

No tickets required, just turn up - it's free!

What does the tech industry look like two years from now?

Open Fishbowl Discussion

We've leaving the EU - it's happening, it's decided. What does this mean for the tech industry and those of us who work in it, both locally and globally? What's going to happen and what can we do to prepare? 

What will the impact be on starting tech businesses, recruiting talent, hosting software, data management and storage, acquiring customers, billing customers, paying tax and so much more?

This evening we'll be discussing the impact of the UK's exit from the EU on the tech industry and the work we do and we'll be inviting representatives of Nottingham's leading tech companies to participate. This is an open fishbowl discussion - a structured group discussion - in which everyone is encouraged to participate so we'd love for you to come along and share your views.

IPv6: why we need it and what it means for you

by Geof Bosworth

Geof Bosworth

Geof Bosworth

Billions of things require internet connectivity. IPv4 is nearing total exhaustion. Apple requires IPv6-only support in all apps submitted to the App Store. This talk provides an overview of the Internet Protocol situation, what's currently happening, how it affects people, and what people need to consider as a part of their jobs at work. Find out how to obtain an IPv6 connection, how to code for IPv6 support, and how to get a free IPv6 tee shirt.

About Geof

Geof Bosworth has been designing and building computer systems for over thirty years. Since 1999, Geof has been involved primarily with mobile devices and apps. He is currently a consultant for law enforcement mobile solutions and biometrics. Geof regularly attends UK IPv6 Council events, and is researching Smart City projects around the world.

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