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Join us for October's Nott Tuesday with two great talks! Nottingham has a vibrant videogames industry and this month we explore the business of gaming - the stories, the successes and the future. It's a fascinating field and we're going to dive in and find what lessons we can learn and apply to our own businesses.

Nott Tuesday is a community of people building and growing the startups and tech businesses of Nottingham. 

Each month we come together to hear stimulating speakers give talks on the challenges of starting and running a technology business, practical guidance on operating a business and exploring future technologies for new opportunities.

Most of all Nott Tuesday is an opportunity for business people and aspiring entrepreneurs to come together, meet like-minded people, share knowledge and grow.

Everyone is welcome and there are no tickets required. Just turn up - it's free!

Iain Simons

Iain Simons

Not GameCity

by Iain Simons

For the past twelve years, at around this time, Nottingham has hosted the GameCity festival. This year, it’s having a year off.

National Videogame Foundation/Arcade/ GameCity worker Iain Simons wants to talk about videogame festivals with you, try out some new ideas and bask in a festival-free October.

About Iain

Iain Simons is founder of the National Videogame Foundation, the NVA, the GameCity festival and is an active speaker and writer in the field of videogames and new cultural technologies.

Karl Hilton

Karl Hilton

GoldenEye: Absolute Beginners

by Karl Hilton

GoldenEye007 became an essential game on the N64 platform and broke in to many new areas for console games, yet it was made by a team of N00bs! 

Karl Hilton will give an overview of how the team that made GoldenEye came together and the lessons they learned as they attempted to make something none of them had made before, with a very small team of enthusiastic but in-experienced people.

In an era when small teams can once again make something special on current platforms on mobile or console, there are still the lessons to be learnt from a generation ago.

About Karl

After completing university with a BA in Architecture and an MA in Computer Visualisation and Animation, Karl went to work for Rare Ltd where he was Lead Artist on GoldenEye 007 and PerfectDark on the Nintendo 64 games console. 

After five years, he left Rare to be one of the founding members and a director of Free Radical Design, which became one of the UK’s leading independent videogame developers. Over the next 9 years he helped to create the very successful TimeSplitters series of games and the critically acclaimed Second Sight. During this time he also gained his Executive MBA from Nottingham University Business School. 

Karl was the Managing Director for Crytek UK for 5 years. Under his direction, Crytek UK delivered several successful AAA videogames projects for the PC, Sony PlayStation3 and Microsoft Xbox 360consoles, including the multiplayer games for Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. Crytek UK also contributed key technology for the CryENGINE gaming technology platform. 

After leaving Crytek UK, Karl delivered programme management, business mentoring and business finance services for Creative England, Grant Thornton’s Growth Accelerator programme andLockwood Publishing. 

Karl was appointed as Studio Director for the new Sumo development studio, set up in Nottingham in March 2016. The studio aims to be a dynamic new, high quality hub for AAA videogame development in the East Midlands.


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