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Women In Tech October 2017

This month we have two talks about the technology communities in Nottingham from Emma Seward, Director at Tech Nottingham, and Zulekha Chaudhry, President of DevSoc at Nottingham Trent University.

As always, there'll be free drinks and food for all. Everyone is welcome and there are no tickets required. Just turn up - it's free!

Bridging the gap between University and Real Life (Industry)

by Zulekha Chaudhry

Zulekha Chaudhry

Zulekha Chaudhry

University seems to have a bubble surrounding it and its students, and we’re looking at ways to pop that bubble and lure the students into the world of tech. Having them be more involved in the local tech community would be nice too.

We're going to talk about DevSoc, the students' perspective and how to persuade them to take part. More engagement means more people in the community from different backgrounds and with fresh perspectives, it also means they're far more likely to stay in the city when they graduate and become brilliant contributors to the local tech industry.

About Zulekha

Zulekha (@Liamori3) is a second year Computer Science student at Nottingham Trent University and is President of DevSoc. Her current goal is to overcome stereotypes and lure as many first year students into the tech community as she can, while they’re still young and easily influenced.

Community is King

by Emma Seward

Emma Seward

When people come to a tech event, a meetup, a conference, often the first thing they look at is the speaker, the talk, asking themselves "is this something I'll benefit from learning about?"
But regardless of who they are or why they came, once they've attended the thing that keeps them coming back is the community they found there. The people they met, the insights they shared and the friendships they made. 

Emma Seward (@mrsemma) will talk about why community building is not just central to the success of an event but why it's central to the success of Nottingham's future economy.

Emma isn't talking about community in a woolly, wouldn't-it-be-nice sort of way: she'll share the practical, measurable steps Tech Nottingham takes to build communities around its events and how that Makes Nottingham a Better Place to Live and Work in Technology. 
You'll also learn how you can use this insight to get more out of tech events and your local tech community.

About Emma

Emma is an international award winning wildlife photographer, owner of Emma’s Garden and Director at Tech Nottingham. She organises 5 monthly meetups in Nottingham (4 offline, 1 online), Hack24, a student outreach programme, and is an advocate for Nottingham as a destination for tech businesses. She also keeps bees and is a big fan of donuts.

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This month at Women in Tech we'll be giving away a pair of much coveted Slack socks (Emma has a pair and can confirm they are toasty and her favourite socks) AND a 1 year subscription to a JetBrains product of your choice, including Resharper, IntelliJ and PHPStorm. Just attend and tweet on the #WiTNotts hashtag to be in with a chance of winning! 

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