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  • The Sir John Peace Building
  • Nottingham, NG80 1ZZ
  • United Kingdom

We are super excited to host a student event as part of our Student Outreach Programme, sponsored by Experian. There will be free food and drinks for all, some interesting talks from ex-students and local business people, and the chance to meet and hang out with students from Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham. We hope to see you there!

Getting there



There is car parking at the venue.


There is bike parking at the venue - bring a bike lock!

Public Transport

From Jubilee Campus

The venue is very close to Jubilee Campus - you can shorten your walk by catching the Hucknall or Phoenix Park trams from Gregory Street to the NG2 stop.
Here's a map

From Clifton Campus

Catch the Navy Line 41 bus from Fabis Drive (Stop CL41) and get off at Crossgate Drive (Stop ME10).
Here's a map

From the city centre

Take the Toton Lane tram from any city centre tram stop to stop NG2
Here's a map


Tickets are free but you need to register for them in advance of the event.

From Uni to Work and Back Again

by Anna Dodson

Anna will be talking about how she found the transition from Uni into working in a tech role in Nottingham, and how regularly attending meetups has made her better at her job and making new friends has made her a better software developer.

About Anna

Anna is a software developer at Linney, working on digital marketing for global brands. Regular meetup attendee, previous Hack Soc member and complete and utter swag hag.

Introduction to Alexa Skills

by Steven Pears

In this talk we'll look into what makes up a skill that works with Amazon Echo and the Alexa assistant. We'll look at the configuration and code required to build a Skill using .NET Core, some tips to write a more usable skill, and the differences between when you're writing them for yourself and for your business.

About Steven

Steven has been enjoying .NET since the beta landed on his desk next to his folder full of MSDN CDs. Somehow maintaining gainful employment while at the same time loving regular expressions, working with local newspaper companies and construction software created a path that led him to Nottingham where he now works for Experian.

Came for the campus, stayed for the community

by Jamie Tanna

After falling in love with the gorgeous campus at the University of Nottingham, Jamie found he had to come to Nottingham. And when he discovered the vibrant, buzzing tech community, he found he had to stay. In this talk, Jamie will take you on his journey to coming to Nottingham, and the decisions that led to him staying. As part of that, Jamie will discuss how his decision to join Capital One's graduate scheme over a "regular role" elsewhere was a difficult one, and how he's found it since.

About Jamie

Jamie graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Computer Science in August 2016.

Jamie now works as a Graduate Software Engineer at Capital One, working in the Customer Domain Services team as part of the Platform Services group. He's currently learning how to work in his first Agile software development team with a strong focus on "build it, support it", and is getting to play with great tools such as Chef and Amazon Web Services.

Jamie regularly participate in hackathons, where he loves spending the weekend learning something new and building something awesome (or useless!).

When he's not working, blogging, hacking, speaking at or attending events, he can be found playing a variety of games on Steam,  thoroughly enjoying Total Mayhem in Overwatch, and playing a bit more stealthily on Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

What I wish I knew before graduating

by Martyn Rushton

University teaches you about databases, programming practices and how to write a CV, but not what working in tech is actually like. In this talk we will cover the roles available to tech graduates, skills you should have and challenges you will face during your first year.

About Martyn

Founder of Sheffield Hallam Programming (SHUProg), winner of the SAP international hackathon in Germany and BBC Sheffield inspirational beard of 2015. Martyn currently works in the Front End team at Experian, he enjoys using Node.JS to integrate with APIs and actively avoids styling tasks. Outside of work Martyn is usually found training for triathlons, drinking local coffee or working on open source projects.

Introduction to CI and TravisCI

by James Gonzalez

James Gonzalez

James Gonzalez

In this talk James will explain the importance of CI (continuous integration) and how it helps you discover the results of what your code will do before you deploy. He'll discuss the key fundamentals behind a successful CI implementation and share what they're doing with CI at Experian.

About James

James is an AWS DevOps Consultant for Experian. He's worked with DevOps/CICD since around 2011. His main focus right now at Experian is the implementation of TravisCI and improving how Experian manages and deploys its code.


Attend and tweet on the #TechNott hashtag to be in with a chance of winning!