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Avoiding the trap of digital privilege - Designing digital services for everyone

by Robert van Tol

Designing is quite hard. Designing for people with low digital skills is harder. Think to yourself: What if my mum had to use this? Without you helping. 

Although we have collectively gone through a revolution in digital abilities, there are still many in the sloooooow digital lane. It can be hard to empathise with them. Hard to imagine how they can get by without all of our gadgets. 

Many organisations have to include them because they can still make money from them, or they need to serve them, or they are just citizens and cannot be digitally eradicated just because they don't have the skills, training, or wealth to be geared up to our beautiful digital world. 

So we'll take a look how passing the Government Digital Service assessment ensured we took account of the needs of 'assisted' digital and non-digital users in their digital first services, so that even your mum could use it. (Terms and conditions apply: Some mum's are digitally ace. It might be just mine.)

Robert van Tol

Robert van Tol


Robert [www.robvantol.net] is a digital consultant and user experience designer with a interest in how people, with all their messiness, interact with organisations, with all their desire for ordered processes and neat software. Robert is also a practising psychotherapist. He combines his interest in helping people on a personal level with his interest in helping people through complex experiences.


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