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This month we have two fantastic talks from Louise Paling and Rob van Tol. Plus we've got free food and drinks provided at the event thanks to our sponsors.

Everyone is welcome and there are no tickets required. Just turn up - it's free!

Digitising Work in the Gauche Digital Era

by Robert van Tol

Rob van Tol

Rob van Tol

We are in digital's awkward teenage years. One day our future robot overlords will smile condescendingly at the primitiveness of their younger selves. How clumsy were their first steps. How thicko their artificial intelligence. How tongue-tied their early chats. We, in the present day, have to design systems that have to put sticking plasters over their failings and limitations.

At work, that means getting people to fill in when digital isn't quite good enough – often at the same time that you are disrupting people's traditional working patterns. Don't be surprised if the people involved aren't thrilled about this. This talk explores how to try and combine the two: the gauche digital and the often-reluctant workforce.


About Rob

Robert is a digital consultant and user experience designer with Sparck, the digital design consultancy of BJSS. He's interested in how people, with all their messiness, interact with organisations, with all their desire for ordered processes, and with computers. Robert is also a practising psychotherapist. He understands how people need help on a personal and organisational level to deal with complex experiences – whether emotional or workplace.

Lean Startup

by Louise Paling

Louise Paling

Louise Paling

The Lean Startup is an experiment-driven methodology aiming to reduce the risk of failure by conducting fast-paced iterations each testing a hypothesis. This talk will explain the methodology by taking you through the story of how it was created.

About Louise

Louise has worked in software delivery for 20 years, from her roots as a software engineer to management of delivery teams, and most recently as Head of Operations at MHR in Nottingham.

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