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We are delighted to announce that Moreton Brockley will be speaking at April's Tech on Toast!

Get a free breakfast, hear some of Nottingham's brightest share their ideas and projects and socialise with the other members of the local tech community, all before you start your day.

Tech on Toast is free and there are no tickets required.

We'll be serving a range of breakfast options in a relaxed environment and all are welcome, regardless of technical background.

Stabilising Teams in Crisis

by Moreton Brockley

Running a team is not easy to do well. Helping a team reach its peak performance is harder. Doing so while meeting everyone’s personal development needs is harder still. Taking on a team that is on the verge of collapse is one of the hardest things I have had to deal with professionally.

During this talk we will cover a few techniques that will help you combat very low team morale and impending attrition. These are most useful for line managers and people in a caretaking role but it will also be helpful for those in other roles. I will also cover how to go past this stage and start forging a team that is invested in growing, supporting its members and building for its future success.

This talk is suitable for people at any stage in their career who want to work in a collaborative and fulfilling environment.

Moreton Brockley

Moreton Brockley

About Moreton

Moreton is a delivery manager at Mitrefinch, a HR firm with very ambitious goals for the future. He has enjoyed his experiences meeting the challenging needs of the rapidly growing businesses he has worked with whilst keeping his teams engaged and motivated. Moreton has previously been a line manager/technical lead and has a keen interest in API and backend development. In his spare time Moreton is an enthusiastic meetup attendee, a home project hacker, a cook, a gamer and an avid reader. He can be bribed with coffee and dark chocolate or a combination of the two.


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