The past month we’ve been relaunching our event as Tech Nottingham and it’s going really well, the first event is tonight, interest is high and traffic is good; here’s what we’ve done so far…

And now the work really begins

Tech Nottingham attendees enjoying a bit of coding

Tech Nottingham attendees enjoying a bit of coding

We want Tech Nottingham to be more than just a free monthly tech event, we want it to be the centre of Nottingham’s software community; bringing that community together and giving them what they need to make Nottingham a great place to practice good software development.

If you work in software and want to get better at what you do, we want to help; if you’re looking for that dream job in software at a company that supports you and helps you get better, we want to help; if you want to start that company that makes great software and need some support, come to Tech Nottingham - we want to help.

Here’s what we’re going to do

  • User groups - we want to spin off specialised user groups for different languages, frameworks and areas of interest, like PHP, Ruby, Raspberry Pi, whatever it is that Nottingham is interested in meeting up and talking about. 
    If you want to run one of these, email me at, we’ll help you organise it, find a venue, figure out a format, get funding and promote it
  • Jobs - We want to help great people get hired by great companies, we already welcome local companies to come along to our events and promote their available positions to the audience, we’d like to take this to the next level - more details to come
  • Workshops - we want to get the smartest people in software to come to Nottingham and teach us what they know. 
    We’re going to be running 1-2 day workshops on a range of subjects, such as Test-driven development, Agile project management and Continues Delivery, and bringing the industry experts in those fields to Nottingham to run them. If there’s an area you or your company would like to learn more about, let me know! Email me at

It’s all very exciting and very busy, but remember this is your community, let us know how we can help it be what you need it to be.

In the meantime, at the fulcrum of it all is and will always be our main monthly event, the next of which is tonight - come along and share your ideas: Tech Nottingham May 2014 - Gemma Cameron